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Place content in the real world.  Tap for a photo, hold for video, add a caption, then leave it right there where you took it.  We use GPS technology to place your caches in a physical location but in an artificial realm – we like to call it the Cache-O-Sphere.


Do you ever go somewhere and wonder what else happened there?  Cache enables you to find photos and videos right where people have left them.  When you walk where a cache has been placed, you can view what other people have experienced there.


Become friends with interesting people to see where they have placed caches.  If you find something you like, search that person’s username and send them a friend request.   Then see where else your friends have placed caches.


Sharing hints with friends lets them know where you placed a cache or where a cache you like is located.  The hint will show up as a map on their home page, that way they know where to go to discover it.


We set out to create a virtual layer where you can store memories as photos and videos.

Our team believes that technology should be seamless.  Digital devices shouldn’t be used to escape reality.  Instead, they should be used as doorways that heighten our senses and further our reach.

We wanted to create something that did away with our current superficial use of social media.  (Showing people the best of our lives)  We also didn’t want to make something that allowed you to view the world from your bedroom.  Instead, our goal was to build a tool that showed you other people’s experiences in the same place you were.  We set out to create a virtual layer that covers the real world, a layer where you can store memories as photos and videos for other people to discover.  That’s what led us to the idea of Cache.

Cache provides the newest development in social networking by taking the feed off your screen and placing it in the real world.  Photos and videos stay where you take them and other users can discover new content by simply walking in that location.  Cache challenges you to get out more, go explore, experience things, and leave photos and videos of those experiences for people to discover.

Cache - Get out there!


Our mission is to connect people through shared memories.
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Inspired by Jony Ive, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Mark Zuckerberg, he focuses on the power of simplicity.
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Born in the perfect time for his passion for technology, he enjoys developing innovative software for unique applications.


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